Being bold with genuine branding: Nicolle Hodges

Nicolle is the perfect example of someone saying they want to do something, and then actually doing it. How she manages to balance time between being a PR Director, journalist/reporter on some of the largest publications in the country, host on CTV and being on the UN WOMEN Vancouver Advisory Committee, we still don't know. But we must say, it's remarkable. Nicolle has also gone one step further and built an impressive following on her personal channels surpassing more than 17,500 followers on Twitter and Instagram

When we sat down with Nicolle, our theme was all about how you can build a brand online to supplement your work offline. But during our conversation, it took a turn for the better. Instead, we chatted about her incredible work ethic that we all dream to have, why she will always be bold and unapologetic, what feminism is to her, how she ended up in Zambia, Nicolle's word of the year and so much more.

Getting ready to record the second episode with Nicolle Hodges
Nicolle Hodges

Nicolle “Double L” is a television host and freelance journalist. She is an active humanitarian and media consultant for the UN Women advisory committee – the United Nations’ Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. Also an advocate for ethical fashion and shopping secondhand, she writes and thrifts for the online consignment store, My Modern Closet. 

Instagram: @NicolleDoubleL

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