Creating a framework for success: NFL Player Adam Bighill

Adam Bighill is a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints. Before he joined them, he was a linebacker for the BC Lions for a number of years. During his time with the BC Lions he was named the 2015 Defensive Player of the Year, he is a 5-time Western Division All-Star and he won the prestigious Grey Cup in his rookie year. You can keep up to date on his journey in the NFL by following him on Twitter @Bighill44

Adam's conversation was inspiring. The sheer discipline and focus he has for his craft is a true testament to why he is playing in the NFL today. Knowing that he wanted to play in the NFL from the age of 7, he crafted his life out in such a magnificent way that it made his dreams come true. 

During our talk with Adam, there were so many lessons we could take away. We don't want to give too much of the podcast away in the text, but Adam spoke in great detail about how to make the most of an opportunity given to you, outworking your competition and staying true to your work, putting in time and staying committed. 

Adam Bighill NFL
Adam Bighill was named the CFL 2015 Defensive Player of the Year

Adam Bighill was named the CFL 2015 Defensive Player of the Year

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