Hacking your Mind for Optimal Efficiency: Graham Young

Graham Young has conquered the human mind.

He’s cracked the code to tapping into full performance potential, and coaches professionals on how to optimize their brain power each day. Graham is also a keynote speaker and incredible writer, having had work published in TIME, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider

We knew that Graham would be the perfect guest to start 2018 with, since the new year is a time to reflect, grow, and improve. In this episode, he shares his powerful, life-altering tips and for self improvement. For years, he’s perfected his morning and evening routines through a dedication to vigorous research - and he shares with us some of the books that have guided him along the way. 

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Last week a reporter from the New York Post, Moneyish & Dow Jones contacted me to discuss mental performance strategies on how to overcome failure. Cool to see a part of my quote in her latest article! Below is my full quote on how to handle failure. Check out the link in my bio for the article as well. How to Overcome Failure It's important to remember that the most successful people in the world have failed more than everyone else. They have learnt how to use failure as leverage. They use the information, knowledge and lessons they gain from failure to influence their next move. The problem for most people is they want instant gratification, they want success now. So they try to push themselves harder in that moment and through that failure, rather than stepping back to admit what they did wrong and see what they could do differently. Always remember there is a different perspective to every problem. It's just impossible to see when failure first presents itself...... In those moments stress is high, cortisol is pumping through your body and your brain enters a reactive state that causes you to narrow your focus on the problems at hand. That focus makes it hard to see two steps ahead of you and to see those other perspectives. Everything seems urgent and negative. Strategy 1. When failure presents itself, first and foremost remind yourself that this is part of the process. While it doesn't seem like it, you are on the road to success. 2. Secondly, find a way to remove yourself from the situation and that stress. Don't push your way through. Step back and observe the situation from a different angle. Most ideas and creative moments come when we are in a calm, relaxed state, such as having a shower or out for a run; not when we are at our desk buried in work. By allowing your mind to calm and not be in a fight or flight type state; you are creating the mental space and clarity to actually see a new perspective. That new perspective is what will immediately improve your mood, boost motivation and could be the missing link to your success. Photo by @iwasyoungandneededthemoney

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