Knowledge is Power, and Power is Responsibility: Sam Sullivan

Sam Sullivan is a highly decorated politician, currently serving as the MLA for Vancouver-False Creek and in the running to be the leader of the BC Liberal Party. A major highlight from his endless list of accomplishments is his time as the Mayor of Vancouver, serving during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Sam has earned other notable titles, including member status as part of the Order of Canada and an induction into the Terry Fox Hall of Fame. He is also the founder of multiple non-profit organizations, including the Sam Sullivan Disability foundation. 

Our conversation with Sam touches on many of his milestones. His love for Vancouver shines as he tells, in detail, the dark history of the city and how we can work to solve it. He works to build community in Vancouver through his Public Salons, in which citizens speak on their passions in front of large-scale audiences. 

His knowledge and rounded perspective on Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole is truly remarkable. We hope you enjoy hearing from him!

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