The Education System Needs a Revolution: Martin Laba

Martin Laba has an approach to education and learning that is disruptive and fascinating. Martin is a professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is the author of many academic and popular publications, and is a well-known commentator on issues in media and culture in the Canadian national media. Over the past two years, he has worked on international communication projects, specifically with NGOs and community-based groups in Pakistan on communication strategies and interventions for social change.

When we spoke to him, he talks about the medieval nature of university and also shares what he believes is the ultimate purpose of a university education. He tells us why he teaches his classes completely differently (NO EXAMS!) and makes it more interactive and tries to show the usefulness of theory when put into practice. 

We particularly enjoyed his positive view on millennials, why theatre can be so powerful than theory and his time in Africa and Pakistan. 


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