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Hi there, Hasnain, Tiana and Ivan here. We're the brains behind this podcast and wanted to let you know who were are and how this show came about to be. We were both fascinated by the way in which certain people always had a knack of going the extra mile and never took no for an answer.

Our goal with this series is to show you how these super special people do super special things, without having super special powers, and how you can incorporate their methodologies and philosophies into your own life so you can also go on and do super awesome things :) 

Time to meet your 2 hosts

Meet Tiana. Tiana learns by doing. She doesn't know much about podcasts, so she thought being a part of one would be the best way to figure it out. She's as passionate about making people laugh as she is about pasta - and Tiana loves pasta. 

Meet Hasnain. Hasnain, known as Husky, loves to talk. It's probably the biggest reason why he decided to do this podcast. He also runs digital campaigns for public companies and is fascinated by people that do really well in life.



Season 1

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